AFCOM’s mission is to advance the professional development of individuals in the field of data center and facilities management.Originally [1980], AFCOM was the acronym for the Association for Computer Operations Management. Computer Operation Managers were the first “data center operators” for mainframe computer. Today, the name, “AFCOM” remains in support of its heritage and its continued relevance and passion in serving the data center industry. Over the years as the data center industry has evolved and the demands of data center and facilities management professionals have grown, the association expanded well beyond computer operations management to serving the entire data center ecosystem. However, the AFCOM name is widely recognized as a trusted “brand” in the data center industry, which is why it is still employed today. 

AFCOM’s local chapter program is designed to help members build relationships with peers and learn from industry experts. This is done through regional meetings that take place in small group settings. Members who become involved in local chapters gain insight into current data center issues, have instant connections to resources and information, and are part of a team of industry professionals in their area.

Arizona Chapter

Upcoming Events

ASHRAE 90.4 Panel Discussion and Luncheon

Thursday, January 19, 2017
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM MST 

Rosendin Electric Technology Building 

​1513 W. Drivers Way, Tempe